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Planning Events

The Jewish Life at Brandeis Calendar

The Hillel Calendar is comprehensive schedule of all Hillel/member group events and meetings.  One of the first steps in planning a Hillel event is submitting the event to the Jewish Life at Brandeis Calendar for approval. The purpose of the calendar approval process is to ensure that no two Hillel events conflict. Weekly meetings must also be submitted to the Calendar.  Below are detailed instructions for submitting an event or meeting to the Hillel Calendar:

1.   Reserve a room.  Please click here for the room reservation form.

2.   Submit your event to the Jewish Life at Brandeis Calendar.

3.   Changes

If any detail surrounding your event changes from what you originally submitted (the date, the time, the location, the nature of the event itself), please email Elana Kennedy, Hillel Communications Coordinator.

Hillel Announcements

Hillel at Brandeis sends out two kinds of announcements over its mailing list:

Weekly Announcements

Hillel advertises Hillel/member group events in its weekly announcements.  The deadline for submitting announcements for Weekly Announcements is Tuesday at 3:00 PM. Please submit your events for announcements using this form.

Jewish Opportunities – Jobs, Volunteering, Internships & Learning Programs

Hillel encourages students to submit information about non-Hillel related opportunities and programs that they wish to advertise.  All information regarding non-Hillel scholarships, trips, fellowships and job opportunities can be submitted to Leah Berkowitz at any time.  We will be happy to include a link on the Jewish Opportunities webpage.

You must include:

Questions? Contact Elana Kennedy